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Interapy: A Controlled Randomized Trial of the Standardized Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Through the Internet

Door Interapy Nederland | 12-07-2012, Samenvatting
Online therapy offers many advantages over face-to-face therapy. Interapy includes psychoeducation, screening, effect measures, and a protocol-driven treatment via the Internet for people suffering from posttraumatic stress. The present article reports the results of a controlled trial on the Internet-driven treatment of posttraumatic stress and grief in a group of people who manifested mild to relatively severe trauma symptoms. Participants in the treatment condition (n  69) improved significantly more than participants in the waiting-list control condition (n  32) on trauma-related symptoms and general psychopathology. The effect sizes were large. On most subscales, more than 50% of the treated participants showed reliable change and clinically significant improvement,  with the highest percentages being found for depression and avoidance.

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