Interapy Dutch Expat Service

Interapy offers high-end online psychological help for Dutch speaking professionals living abroad. Since 2001, our psychologists have been treating private persons, employees of multinationals and staff at the Dutch Consulates for psychological complaints in the United States, Europe and Asia.

How do our treatments work?

Our treatments are scientifically proven protocols, tailor made for specific psychological disorders. Through these protocols, our psychologists communicate with clients, using text-based assignments. For more information, watch the video to the right. (Subtitled in English)

Personal and evidence based

The online treatment format of Interapy has been developed at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam and is evidence based, well-structured and personal. Over the last ten years it has helped thousands of people overcoming their psychological problems. Our method combines a balanced treatment program with time and attention of a well-trained psychologist. Treatment programs are cognitive behavioral in nature and have been proved to be highly effective in randomized controlled effect studies and naturalistic research.


Depending on the kind of problems you want to solve, Interapy can help you. We offer treatment for depression, posttraumatic stress, panic disorder, prolonged grief, work related psychological stress and eating disorders. To find out if Interapy is fit for you, you can read about the therapy and then apply for a login combination to get access to an intake. The intake combines diagnostically validated psychological questionnaires, with a telephonic interview. Our psychologists then evaluate if online treatment is the appropriate method for you, if not you will get a motivated advice for another kind of treatment


If you chose to start online treatment, you will get access to your own secure intervention website. There your qualified therapist psychologist will be introduced to you; he or she will be dedicated to you for the duration of the treatment. Depending on the program, this will take between 5 and 20 weeks.

Psychological Measurements

The effect of treatment will be measured by comparing standardized questionnaires prior to treatment, directly afterwards and six weeks later (follow-up). Evaluation of treatment takes place on the basis of these measurements.

Interapy in practice

Independent of the country or place you live, every person who masters the Dutch language can enroll into an Interapy treatment. All Dutch health insurers cover the costs for Interapy, on the condition that a client is referred by a medical doctor. If your health insurance program does not cover Interapy, you can still enroll into treatment and will get billed for treatment costs. Also inquire at your employer; a growing number of companies cover Interapy for their Dutch employees.

Further information

The above information is for medical practitioners and employers outside of Holland working with Dutch speaking people. If they develop mental complaints, Interapy can offer high quality psychological treatment in the native language, on site. This can prevent Dutch expats having to repatriate to the Netherlands when needing psychological treatment.

To get further information please contact us.

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