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Web-based therapist-assisted cognitive behavioral treatment of panic symptoms

Door Interapy Nederland | 12-07-2012, Samenvatting
Internet-delivered treatment may reduce barriers to care in those unwilling or unable to
access traditional forms of treatment. Objective: To assesses the efficacy of web-based therapist-assisted cognitive behavioral treatment (web-CBT) of panic symptoms. Design: A randomized waiting-list controlled trial with an uncontrolled three-year follow-up. Participants: A community sample of 58 participants with chronic panic symptoms of varying severity (immediate treatment: n = 27, waiting-list control: n = 31).
Outcome measures: The primary outcome measures were a one-week Panic Diary and  the Panic Disorder Severity Scale – Self-Report (PDSS-SR); secondary measures were the Agoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire (ACQ), the Body Sensations Questionnaire (BSQ), the Mobility Inventory – Alone subscale (MI-AAL), and the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS-42). Results: In the RCT, 54 participants (93%) completed posttest measurements. With regard to the primary outcome measures, intention-to-treat ANCOVAs revealed that participants in the treatment condition improved more than the participants in the waiting-list control condition (p < .03), with a pooled between-group effect size of d = .7. After three years (n = 47; 81% study compliance), effects were more pronounced. Conclusion: The results demonstrate the efficacy of therapist-assisted web-CBT in the treatment of panic symptoms.

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