Bij Interapy vinden we het belangrijk dat onze behandelingen wetenschappelijk onderbouwd zijn. Nieuwe behandelingen worden uitvoerig onderzocht op kwaliteit en effectiviteit, in samenwerking met de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Ook na de lancering worden de resultaten van de behandelingen continu gemeten. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van publicaties van Interapy en van ander interessant wetenschappelijk onderzoek op het gebied van depressie.

Standardized Web-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of Mild to Moderate Depression: A Randomized Controlled Trial with a Long-Term Follow-Up

Door Interapy Nederland | 12-07-2012, Samenvatting
Depression is common but undertreated. Web-based self-help provides a widely accessible treatment alternative for mild to moderate depression. However, the lack of therapist guidance may limit its efficacy. The authors assess the efficacy of therapist-guided web-based cognitive behavioural treatment (web-CBT) of mild to moderate depression. Fifty-four individuals with chronic, moderate depression participated in a randomized wait-list controlled trial, with an 18-month follow-up (immediate treatment: n536, wait-list control: n518). Primary outcome measures were the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-IA) and the Depression scale of the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (SCL-90-R DEP). Secondary outcome measures were the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales and the Well-Being Questionnaire. Five participants (9%) dropped out. Intention-to-treat analyses of covariance revealed that participants in the treatment condition improved significantly more than those in the wait-list control condition (.011vpv.015). With regard to the primary measures, between-group effects (d) were 0.7 for the BDI-IA and 1.1 for the SCL-90-R DEP. Posttest SCL-90- R DEP scores indicated recovery of 49% of the participants in the treatment group compared with 6% in the control group (odds ratio514.5; pv.004). On average, the effects were stable up to 18 months (n539), although medication was a strong predictor of relapse. The results demonstrate the
efficacy of web-CBT for mild to moderate depression and the importance of therapist  guidance in psychological interventions.

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